Chad Pries, owner-operator at Pries Farms, developed a passion for farming at an early age. Growing up he worked with his father, Sandy Pries, and uncle, Francis Bergold, at Byfield Farms, a potato and grain farm in Felton, Delaware. He continued to work at the farm after college until 2005 when the farming operation ceased at Byfields.

In 2006, he founded Pries Farms. Chad farmed his own 70 acre farm purchased in 2002 and rented additional land. He grew corn, soybeans, and grain. When Pries Farms was in the beginning stages, Chad also worked part-time for Shadybrook Farms.

In 2011, Chad had expanded his grain farming operation enough to farm completely independent. However, it was his dream to grow fresh market potatoes again. In 2012, that dream came to fruition in a joint venture with Bonk Farms called Magnolia Acres. Magnolia Acres venture lasted two years. In 2014, Chad was able to rent Byfield Farms old packing shed and began growing potatoes on his own. 

Finally, in 2016 Chad’s ultimate dream of having his own packing shed came true. He built a packing shed on his home farm in Felton. Currently Chad is farming approximately 800 acres including 85 acres of round white, yellow and russet potatoes. His father, Sandy Pries, is an integral part of his farming operation.

At Pries Farms, Chad’s focus is producing high quality potatoes and grain while being a steward to the land. He takes great pride in his work.

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